Get crucial analytics
simply and privately.

Services like Google Analytics invade your users' privacy, make your website load slower and are frustrating to use.

Takeback is lightweight and gives you valuable insights, without the Orwellian surveillance.

Privacy first

Takeback was built with privacy in mind for both developers and consumers. You get key metrics and your users get peace of mind, all without us knowing a thing.

Realtime analytics beta

Get metrics updated nearly instantly. Not in a day, not in an hour, not in a minute- within seconds, realtime. Currently on an invite-only basis.

Setup in minutes

It's as simple as configuring your site, adding a script tag, and that's it. You'll be getting the most minimal & private analytics known to man.

It's tiny

Takeback's script is roughly 700 bytes (<0.7kb) in size, which is 65 times lighter than Google Analytics (weighing in at 46kb).